I love traveling with an aim to learn.

Major cities have a strong concentration of culture, common hurdles, and unique solutions, all of which I love observing. I challenge myself to learn about the history and current culture of every place I visit. Then I pinpoint the historical influences of the places I visit and try to compare them. I have fun understanding systems and pattern finding while I travel.

On my trips, I like to be as social as possible. I prioritize meeting new people and learning their stories. Not only does this let me form personal connections that can (and have) lasted years, but it also helps me practice communicating with people from different backgrounds, who hold different opinions and express ideas in different ways.

These experiences help me nurture empathy and allow me to connect with others more effectively.

If you're looking for someone who enjoys understanding systems, finding patterns, solving problems, and communicating effectively, you've come to the right place.

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I was raised in Santa Barbara, CA by a Mathematician and a Physicist. Growing up, I spent my free time reading books, dissecting old lab equipment, and running Cross Country.The combination of academia and nature fueled my love for observing and recognizing patterns.

I've been working since I was 14, contributing to projects in different industries. Applying my problem-solving skills across  fields helps me hone my critical thinking strategies and learn how to quickly adapt

I work on projects that
1) are mentally stimulating
2) work towards a greater purpose 
3) reward good work with responsibility and
4) I can make a valuable contribution to.